Is the GoPro gimbal waterproof?

Since the picture lovers are conscious of the significance of gimbal for shooting footage, gimbal stabilizers’ rivalry is getting increasingly more extreme. Waterproof functionality of GoPro Gimbal developed and was investigated. How can a gimbal stabilizer watertight work? If its functionality will return when is your GoPro gimbal stabilizer used under water? Here we’ll see shortages and benefits of conventional and watertight gimbal stabilizers. Plus, make a list of waterproof that is typical and conventional stabilizers in 2018.


Comparison between Conventional and watertight gimbals

Apparently, the difference between those 2 gimbals is water resistance capacity. An individual can be employed to shoot footage . The one can not be utilised from water. Most of gimbals aren’t meant for thickness water shooting. Some may operate in rain illness that is harsh, others may work in less than two feet water illness or freshwater evaluation.



Unless it may be out of sequence That’s to say, it is not submerge the submerged. A gimbal with no sign from the spec means it certainly can not be utilized from the water state, but the drizzle. Can a gimbal operate under water? As a result of body and this motors, a few stabilizer that is gimbal may encourage activity shots of water .


Gimbal stabilizer watertight


Mountable, lightweight, and mobile

  1. More elastic. Can be mounted onto a helmet, handlebars, tripod screw, torso support, selfie rod and etc.. Can be Utilized in moist state, harsh rainy day and also much more

Batteries life are restricted: approximately two hours

  1. Limited period of take underwater: approximately 10 minutes
  2. Restricted rotation
  3. Stabilization Isn’t That Fantastic

GoPro stabilizer Conventional


Compatible with GoPro smartphone and cameras

  1. Extended battery life: 5-8 hours
  2. Ergonomic design and higher quality of material: Readily to maintain the grip of gimbal for quite a while with simplicity
  3. Remote control with Program
  4. Extension: typically could be mounted to a tripod team or extension rod



  1. Not watertight
  2. Unevenness quality and functionality, based on different brands and costs

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